With the rapid technological changes, every business organization is trying to adopt new technologies so that they can survive in the competitive world. There is one technology that has become very popular these days namely VOIP popularly known as hosted PBX. This technology is very similar to that of virtual phone systems that offer many features like system of sending voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting, and many more. All these functions are maintained using internet with the help of administrator web based section. This tool helps in transmission of IP telephony by means of broadband IP.


Today, many business phone systems are available in the market but most of them are only made for the big business houses as small business houses sometimes don’t have that much budget to afford the costly system.


Hosted VOIP provides telephony solution where the switch of the provider is directly connected to the phones. All the conversations run on IP based network which requires set up box at the place where you want the connection. This is totally different from our regular phones.


To get these services installed is not a big task. The thing you will require is just to hire a service provider. All the process related to the set up will be taken care by them and the best thing is these VOIP services are available for all type of business houses but the small businesses can save around 10% more of their monthly cost as compared to other business houses when they prefer using VOIP phone systems.